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Two moms started thinking about new ways to share their ethnic heritage with their children. After speaking with many others, they discovered that there were many people in all walks of life who were equally interested in new and unique ways to celebrate their culture. An idea was born! To create beautiful gift wrap, featuring symbols and themes that are significant to the world's largest ethnic groups. This idea will only keep expanding to include all cultures.

A gift wrap that educates!
On the reverse side of each sheet of paper is a short paragraph explaining the symbols on the front and their importance to the culture. With Global Gift Wrap, you can now turn a gift exchange into a celebration of an event and a culture at the same time.

Our gift wrap is luxurious with premium quality paper that won't rip, tear, or puncture as easily as lower quality wrap does. We offer "cutting guide" squares on the reverse side of every sheet, so you can be sure to cut straight lines every time. We employ American printers and artists who help us inspect the final product to ensure it meets our high standards.